The Benefits of Men’s Wool Suits

Most style conscious individuals who are well acquainted with the purchase of men’s suits will quickly agree that the wool suit, especially Italian wool, is the zenith of men’s clothing. If you are relatively new to selecting men’s suits, you may be wondering why. What are the benefits of wool? Here’s the breakdown of the

History of Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez is to South Asia as a jeans-and-shirts combination is to people in America. Some decades ago, this ensemble was worn by immigrant South Asian Women looking for the proverbial greener grass on the other side. Nowadays, it is an ensemble of high fashion (think skinny jeans flowing ponchos). Salwar is actually a Persian

All About Bucket Hats for Men

Bucket hats for men, sometimes referred to as fishing hats, are normally made from a soft cotton material such canvas or denim, but they are also hard-wearing. They have a circular rim that faces downwards at an angle, and are almost bell shaped. Favored by fisherman over the decades, the rim protects the face and

Rustic Style Clothing

Women love fashion, and rustic style is a trend that most women love. This style can be seen in a variety of clothing. The materials that are commonly used for it are corduroy fabrics. However, clothing is not the only thing that can represent the rustic style. Fashion enthusiasts often incorporate rustic clothing with pieces